Cleaning and Maintainence of Your Newly Installed Epoxy Floor

Your brand-new floor is installed, and you want to keep it looking beautiful for years to come but are not sure which products to use? This article will go over which products are safe to use on your new floor, how to care for it and how to make repairs if need be.

Day to Day cleaning:

To ensure your Garage Floor stays scratch free and retains its beautiful appearance, sweep up any loose dirt, pebbles and rocks that could be brought in by car tires as often as possible. Any Chemical spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent any staining in the topcoat sealer.

For smoother interior floors such as the Lava Flow system or a solid epoxy floor, daily sweeping is recommended. Using Micro Fiber Pads similar to those used for hardwood floors to sweep up any dirt is recommended on a weekly basis.

As Needed

General cleaning of stubborn surface stains can be accomplished by using a PH Neutral floor cleaner with a mop to clean the floor. Harsh detergents, Acids, and High Alkali Cleaners are not recommended as they could be Corrosive or contain Solvents that can be harmful to the surface if used at full strength.

Hard water stains can be cleaned with a solution of 1-part white vinegar to 3-parts water applied with a soft Micro Fiber Pad.

High Foot Traffic Areas

For areas that have the Lava Flow system or a solid epoxy floor installed, routine floor waxing is a recommended protocol to extend the life of the system under extreme conditions. Waxing is not recommended in areas with vehicle traffic.

Topcoat & Sealer Maintenance

Preservation of the coating system requires proper maintenance of the sealer. Normal wearing of the sealer coat exposes the underlying layers, which may wear, discolor, fade and be subject to chemical attack. The sealer should be re-coated before wearing into the underlying layers occurs. It is recommended that the surface be resealed when the sealer thickness falls below 2 dry mils. The wear of the floor system will depend upon the type of use the flooring system is subjected to.