Need to know how much an epoxy floor might cost? How about how long it will take to get the job done? Michiana Epoxy has developed this FAQ section that should be able to answer most of your epoxy flooring questions. If you can't find your answer here, call us, text us or send us an email.

About Michiana Epoxy

No! We are independently owned and run by a family from right here in Indiana. Why does this matter? Typically, franchise epoxy floor companies are slightly higher in costs, as they have to pay royalties and additional expenses that we don’t.

The old adage you get what you pay for comes to mind here. Do your research and if you think the kit is the best way to go, have at it. We lay professional epoxy floor systems backed by our suppliers limited lifetime warranty on peeling and bubbling.

Have a look at The True Cost of a Cheap DIY "Epoxy" Floor.

Our manufacturer offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our epoxy coatings that cover peeling or bubbling of the product. Michiana Epoxy stand behind their craftsmanship/installation of all epoxy floors.

Please see our Limited Liability Warranty for Epoxy Floor Coverings

Cost of an Epoxy Floor

There are many factors in determining the cost of YOUR specific floor. Amongst them are; The size of your garage, condition of your concrete, whether or not your floor has an existing coating on it, and even the time of year.

Having said that, a typical 1/4" flaked floor installed on concrete that doesn’t need to have a coating removed, runs between $4-$6 per square foot.

If you want to know an exact cost, we would more than happy to come out and give you a FREE quote. Use this calendar to select a date and a time.

Absolutely! Use this calendar to select a date and a time.

Epoxy and Epoxy Flooring

Not if we install it! (Cheap systems have been known to yellow quickly when in directly sunlight.) Our clear polyurea flooring coating/sealer is the most popular clear topcoat that we have, and it is UV stable.

That depends on what style of flooring you choose. As to the quantity, we do full flaked floors. none of that confetti style flaking. Michiana Epoxy strives for (and achieves) 95-100% coverage. The average 2 car garage contains around 100 pounds of flakes.

We also have a ton of colors. Check them out!

Before your Epoxy Floor Installation

Everything must be removed from the floor. Please note, for liability reasons we do not remove items for you. Also, we will not epoxy around items left in the garage. If you need help moving items or storage of your items, we have a couple people we can refer you to that may be able to help.

We have ways of installing your new epoxy floor in inclement weather. We will show up in the morning your job was scheduled, unless otherwise noted, and decide if the weather is to bad to continue…it usually isn’t.

No problem, but a restocking fee will apply and the job will be delayed by up to 3 weeks, as we have to order the new color you want and then fit you back into the schedule.

Here is a link to our colors page: Check them out!

Yes, we can epoxy your stairs for an additional fee. We actually think it looks really cool when the stairs/steps match the floor.

Our Installation Process

The average two car garage floor usually takes us 6 to 8 hours to complete, in good weather conditions

No, that is crazy. We use professional equipment to grind or blast a thin level of concrete off in order to create a surface that our epoxy will chemically bond with forever. Grinding is far superior to acid etching. Grinding also removes excess laitance (crumbly, powdery substance on the surface) that acid etching doesn’t always remove. The number one reason why an epoxy floor will fail is the concrete prep. Read about it here.

Epoxy contractors who stand behind their work will always grind the concrete knowing that their floors will not fail due to insufficient profiling.

Yes, we can epoxy your stairs for an additional fee. We actually think it looks really cool when the stairs/steps match the floor.

After your Epoxy Floor Installation

A good rule of thumb is:
  • 4 hours after we leave, you can walk on your floor
  • 24 hours after we leave, you can move stuff back on your floor
  • 48 hours after we leave, you can drive on it.

Yes, but the smell dissipates as the floor cures. If you are sensitive to smells, have birds or small children, let’s talk about our low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) options.

Caring for your new Epoxy Floor

Yes, as epoxy floors will bead water and are stain resistant. You can spot clean with a mop and bucket or hose down your floor and squeegee it dry. Have a look at our Epoxy Floor Care Section

Not if we install it! (Cheap Do-It-Yourself home kits are known to have these problems)

Michiana Epoxy, LLC is a family owned Indiana business. We serve the greater Michiana area.